Meine Love-Graffiti-Wand

Herzen Verbinden

On days like today, it is hard for me to remember the good things, and see that you are not writing here anymore. I am grateful though that we collected a few good moments in the last months

I’m so happy we chose each other for becoming a family. There is nothing more precious to me than spending a sunny day with you two. And i am sorry you are not feeling so well and probably can’t enjoy it that much.

You held me when I had a panic attack during the night.

waking up together again

Lucky we got to spend 4 days together… laying here thinking about you already again! You mean so much to me!

So happy that we are home and together again

Missing you and poopy here so much, now its enough.

It feels so good to still miss you so much

I understood yesterday that underneath your hard outer shell, you do love me as much as I love you on the inside.

Eating sandwich together and planning the last things.

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