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Meine Love-Graffiti-Wand


On days like today, it is hard for me to remember the good things, and see that you are not writing here anymore. I am grateful though that we collected a few good moments in the last months

I’m so happy we chose each other for becoming a family. There is nothing more precious to me than spending a sunny day with you two. And i am sorry you are not feeling so well and probably can’t enjoy it that much.

You held me when I had a panic attack during the night.

waking up together again

Lucky we got to spend 4 days together… laying here thinking about you already again! You mean so much to me!

So happy that we are home and together again

Missing you and poopy here so much, now its enough.

It feels so good to still miss you so much

I understood yesterday that underneath your hard outer shell, you do love me as much as I love you on the inside.

Eating sandwich together and planning the last things.

You giving me a long hug and kiss in the kitchen today

Joking about almost everything again!

Waking up next to you calmly after the storm yesterday

Love you! Also after 2 years of rollercoaster ride with all kind of problems. You are very Brave and strong my dear

Happy 2 year anniversary! Who would have thought how far we would make it on that evening 2 years ago, when I could have gotten myself killed by walking down to the lake with you, yet got the best kiss from the best guy in the world. I love you!

You brought me flowers

Coming home and eat together with you

Giving babygirl sugar milk and you going to spa

I love to listen to you when you come home from work and tell me about your day

Having a good summer day!

Swimming in the cool sea with you…

Driving in our new family car

Gooooood morning! We managed so much, and enjoyed a tour in the city.

I love you so much for making Mia laugh

This morning ❤️ Even though nothing happened 😉 and that you manage everything so well for us

I’m deeply sorry! Thank you for keeping up with my numerous flaws, and I love when you are showing me Sweden!

Walking around gammelvala and eating cake

Sorry, thankyou for feeding us again. And having the energy with my ”projects”

nothing nice the last days?

That we could laugh together

That you are relaxing. And shopping together

That you care more than less! ❤️

That you are taking babygirl during her crying hours in the evening so I can get some rest

It makes me so happy to spend time together as a family, going for an evening walk and taking care of Mia together when she is crying so much.

Walking around a summer day and nothing to do.. drinking coffe and cake

That you went on a trip on your own! And planning the 10th

For making me feel like I am still your girl and not “just” a mum…

Watching zombies and you slept

We were able to not let the food discussion end up in a fight and escalate

Our Mushrooms Hike in the Forrest

For not flipping 😂 And being there for me when im sick

You watched a movie with me

It made me feel loved when I came down in the morning and saw that you had set the table for my breakfast

It made me feel loved when I came down in the morning and saw that you had set the table for my breakfast

For making such a nice reception for our guests. And dinner! ❤️

That you spoke with me about how long and why you have to work more the next days and asked how I think it would be best instead of just doing it.

That you had an ok day and fixed the fridge

That you had an ok day and fixed the fridge

Thankyou for packing everything and beeing ready to leave

Thankyou for packing everything and beeing ready to leave

That you took care of the baby so well so I could sleep, even though this meant the second night in a row for you without sleep!

That you wrote me we will make

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