Take one minute a day to ask yourself this question:

What was a nice moment in the last 24 hrs in our relationship?

Some helpful hints:

  • Improve your chances of finding a LoveMoment by searching for a nice moment rather than an amazing one.
  • Recognize that it may take some time to think of a nice moment as you are retraining yourself to see the good again.
  • ​Work towards taking less for granted.It will make it easier for you to find positive moments-again!
  • Even if you have not seen each other for a day, you can still find a LoveMoment.

Please take care that your LoveMoment catches your feeling at that moment but is not so detailed that it leaves you identifiable to others.

If I think your LoveMoment could be an encouragement for others, you may find it within the next days on the blog. 🙂

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